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28th April


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28th April


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28th April

This E-book brings together a multitude of idea’s and theories that I hope will help guide you and anyone you choose to share it with, to a healthier, happier, fitter future!


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27th April

Meditation is the focus of attention to the exclusion of all other mindful distractions.
It is a tool that can be used to help raise our awareness of thought, or perhaps more importantly, how little control we have over our thoughts, at least until we have had a bit of practice.
Whilst there are many different types of meditation, you don’t have to sit cross legged and make weird chanting noises to benefit from a meditative experience! It can just as easily be experienced whilst going for a run or mopping the floor as it can sitting quietly.

Why meditate in the first place?

The benefits of meditation are no longer confined to the enlightened Guru’s among us! Science is now able to evidence significant benefits attributed to regular meditation.

These include, but are not limited to :-
Reducing stress, Controlling Anxiety, Promotion of emotional health, … Read More »


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27th January

What is Intermittent Fasting or as I call it Partial Day Fasting?

In technical terms it is defined as the voluntary abstinence of food for an indeterminate period of time. In normal people speak it means not eating as frequently as we currently do. The most common periods of Fasting are either 16 or 18 hrs followed by 6 or 8 hrs of eating.

How does Intermittent Fasting Work?

Put very simply, many of societies health related challenges are caused by the over consumption of sugar. Too much body fat, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and fatty liver disease are caused by eating too much sugar. Our bodies are literally rotting from the inside out!

Fortunately, mother nature in her infinite wisdom has provided a very simple solution to a problem that has plagued the health care profession for decades and cost billions.

The answer……… … Read More »


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20th January

This is probably one of the most common questions I am asked when chatting with people and like many fitness related answers it’s rarely straight forward :

Minute for minute cardio is a very efficient way of burning calories but the intensity and duration of your workout will dictate the ratio of fat to carbs that your body uses.

For those that are fit enough, high intensity workouts mean that your body continues to burn calories (mostly fat!!) long after your workout has finished.

Weight training also has a very positive effect in the longer term. Every gram of muscle you create will need calories to function. This means over a 24hr period a more muscular person will burn a lot more calories than a less muscular person. So, in summary, from an EXERCISE perspective, combining BOTH Cardio and Weights is the BEST … Read More »

Tired of Motivational Mondays ?

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18th January

Lets try Mental Mondays instead!

Sounds a bit dodgy like that, probably best to call it Mental Health Mondays from here on in. 😁

In our last post a couple of weeks back, we provided a somewhat convoluted definition of mental health. To better understand how people can spiral from low mood to depression requires a more specific understanding of the factors that affect our mental health:- 🧐

🧠 Healthy Thinking (Cognition):The ability to think clearly, maintain perspective, solve problems and make rational decisions.

🥶 Emotional Intelligence: Our ability to experience, understand and express our feelings and emotions.

🌍 Healthy perception: Being able to make sense of the events and the world around us.

👥 Social acceptance and integration: Our ability to make and retain relationships whilst participating in society at large.

😭 Coping with the demands of life: Our ability to deal with setbacks and difficult … Read More »

Muscle Gain

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12th September


An increase in muscular tension (force) is the primary requirement for initiating muscular growth, or hypertrophy with exercise training. An Increase in muscle size through increased protein synthesis during resistance training is a fundamental biological adaptation to an increased workload in both men and women regardless of age.
In good old plain English, if you eat right and train hard you will grow! Simple when you know how, isn’t it. Or is it? In determining your potential for growth there are three fundamental factors that you will need to understand more about.


This starts with Morphology, or the science of Body shapes. Each of us can be broadly placed in to one of three classifications based on the physical characteristics that we display. These characteristics are determined primarily by two main components – Body Fat and Fat free mass.

The classic Ectomorph

Long, … Read More »

Activlife program

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18th June

Have you ever started an exercise regime or Diet and not followed it through?

Do you get frustrated at your inability to create meaningful long term change?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to turn their hand to just about anything and get fantastic results?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then the Activlife Program is for you. Using our unique tri-lateral approach to achieving long term successful change the Activlife program will help you to a healthier happier fitter future!

Social Hypnosis


How many of you reading this article right now, woke up this morning and said to thRead more

The Human Mind

Twice the size of a human fist.
Weighing in at about 1.5 Kgs.
Comprised of trillionsRead more


The difference between success and failure in any endeavour in life lies … Read More »


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15th June

Natures Nectar

Why exactly are we constantly being advised to drink about 21/2 litres of water a day?
Well apparently water represents 45 to 60% of an adult’s total body weight
Muscle comprises 80% water compared to fat which is only 20% water.
Each day the average sedentary individual uses the following amount of water that has to be replaced.
1500 ml/day excretion by kidneys in the form of urine
500ml/day evaporation and perspiration from the skin
300ml/day from the lungs
200 ml/day from the gastrointestinal tract
To the majority of recreational exercisers thirst will be viewed as an indicator that they need to drink or they will become dehydrated. In actual fact, thirst is a sign that the person is already dehydrated, albeit in the initial stages.
Inadequate hydration will lead to a compromise in the function of the Circulation, Heart, Brain, Lungs and just about every physiological process … Read More »