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A time to change

Posted on February 21st, by admin in Activlife. Comments Off on A time to change

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore!
In life sometimes it is easier to do nothing.But if you choose this option don’t be surprised if nothing changes!
The process of change is one seldom undertaken because more often than not, as human beings we have what has been described by some as an “irrational a fear of failure”. A statement that is made all the more interesting when we consider that there are very few successful people who have not had their fare share of failure.
Evidence (Naidoo and Wills, 1994) suggests that for people to experience long term successful change certain criteria must be met. You must first want to change – it’s no good partners, colleagues or friends brow beating you into change. It must be something that you want to happen! Secondly the new behaviour must fit comfortably into your daily routine. There is no point scheduling a gym session every lunch time if someone else has control over when and if you take your lunch! Thirdly, the change must be IMPORTANT to you, if you are not bothered either way as to whether you manage to adopt a new behaviour it’s probably best to leave any efforts until another time. And finally, CONFIDENCE. It is absolutely vital that you believe that you are capable of creating the change that you are looking for and if this does not come naturally to you it is even more important that you surround yourself with people, literature and places that support your change!