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Which Thoughts will you pursue?
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Understanding how Thought profoundly affects every aspect of our lives is the key to successful change. Thinking happens whether we want it to or not, apparently some 60,000 times a day (Mali Sharif-The secret) most of which go unnoticed (sub-conscious). Thoughts, positive or negative are going to occur regardless, as they change from moment to moment life can become a bit of a struggle. The secret, if there is one, is in understanding that it is not about denying thoughts, we can no more decide what thoughts are going to pop into our head than we can choose the colour of our eyes or hair!
The wisdom lies in becoming more aware of our thoughts and deciding which ones to let go of and which ones to pursue……

If we pursue sad thoughts should we really be surprised when we start to feel sad?
The pursuit of a Thought is a function of our consciousness that ultimately dictates our reality and experience of life giving rise to our belief system. We have been conditioned to interpret our thoughts as if they are real. Just because something comes to mind it doesn’t mean there is a reason for it. When they occur in our sleeping state we are happy to refer to these thoughts as dreams and attach no meaning to them but for some reason when we are awake we allow thought to take on a significance that requires attention and analysis.

If a sad thought appears in our head and we choose to pursue it, can we really be surprised when we begin to feel sad? The good news is the same applies to all other human emotions. Love, Happiness, Contentment…they all work the same way!
So if we want to feel a certain way it is probably best to learn to let go of the thoughts that are going to take us to a place we do not wish to go and actively pursue those thoughts that will improve the quality of our lives