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The Human Mind

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Twice the size of a human fist.

Weighing in at about 1.5 Kgs.

Comprised of trillions of electrical connections (neurons).

The worlds most complex Bio-computer.

And as yet still 90% undiscovered!

Metaphorically speaking the brain is quite often referred to as an iceberg. The tip of which is likened to that of the Conscious mind whilst the much greater, hidden, larger mass, is seen as the Sub-Conscious mind.


This is the part of the brain that we actively and deliberately think with.

It can only hold a handful of thoughts and idea’s at any one time.

It sorts information by noticing differences; It is critical and analytical constantly comparing and contrasting trying to understand the world we live in.

It is the home of that little voice inside your head.

(The one that just said, “what little voice?”)


This is the real deal. The larger of the metaphorical two, the subconscious mind has the ability to process some two million pieces of sensory information every second.

It contains all of our wisdom, memories and intelligence and

as the driver of our emotions it directs our behaviour.

As well as being the source of our creativity

it regulates the function of the organs throughout the body, maintains temperature and controls things like heart rate, breathing, cellular regeneration and other autonomic responses.

Everything that has ever happened to us and everything that we have ever imagined is stored as a multi-sensory recording in our sub-conscious mind.

It has been said that

Everything that we are, everything that we have achieved and everything that we will be is as a result of our Habitual ways of Thinking and Acting in life”.

If you find this difficult to believe, then try the following little exercise.

I would like you to cross your arms as you normally would and look to see which arm is on top.  Research shows a 50/50 split.

It has nothing to do with being left or right-handed. At some point early in childhood (generally school assembly!!) you crossed your arms for the very first time, and because of habit you have been doing the same way ever since.

Now cross your arms differently. Place your other arm on top instead……..Notice how different it feels.

What if I were to tell you today that for the rest of your life, whenever you crossed your arms you would have to put the wrong arm on top? How long do you think it would be before you reverted back to your original arm position?

Unless we were to have continuous reminders everywhere, within a very short time we would be back to our original position. Why?

Because it is a Habit that has been with us for so long. We don’t Think we just D0

If it is that difficult to try and break that one simple habit can you now begin to understand why so many people dependent on will power alone fail to break lifestyle habits that have been repeated on a daily basis for many years?

Do not despair! In actual fact It is not that difficult to break old unwanted habits and develop positive new empowering one’s.


Paraphrased from Paul Mc Kenna:Success for Life