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Social Hypnosis

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How many of you reading this article right now, woke up this morning and said to themselves “yes, another glorious day, an opportunity to realise my true potential – to shape and mould my future – to be the person I truly want and can be?”

Not too many I guess, but is it really asking too much to live each day with an excitement and belief that there is something better? To want to give it your best shot, to take another step closer to a better quality of life filled with the promise and potential that you so richly deserve.

Remember as a child you had infinite possibilities, Astronaut to Movie star, Footballer to Pop star. As children we believed in the possibility.

It is said that if all the wealth in the world was equally shared amongst all of its inhabitants there would be enough to make everyone a millionaire.

Only problem is, not enough people believe in the possibility.

 What is it that changes from the innocence of childhood to the responsibility of Adult hood?

In short, our THINKING.

We are shaped and moulded by the institutions and people that surround us. Parents, School, religion, Politics, Media all exerting their influence, truths and expectations until we lose sight of our dreams and ultimately cease to believe in the possibility.

It has been said that in life you do not always get what you deserve but you quite often get what you expect.

Day after day we are continually reminded of how “truly inadequate we really are.” Unable to measure up to society’s spiralling expectations of who and what we should be.

Log on to the internet, Open a newspaper, pick up a magazine, turn on the T.V. or radio and it’s relentless.

It is made all the worse by the fact that the nature of mankind is survival, survival by adaptation.

Continuous exposure to an environment that thrives on reinforcing our inadequacies and purveying negativity will only lead to more cynicism, scepticism, pessimism and depression.

In short, what I refer to as “social hypnosis” the continuous exposure to these negative attitudes, will ensure that the vast majority of people will continue to underachieve and fall a long way short of realising their true potential. As Henry Ford once said

          “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t you are usually right!”

He was absolutely right. And this is where our journey begins. Our focus is going to be one of positive self-belief, an abundance of confidence and a belief that we absolutely, positively do have the power to change our lives. For the sceptics among you who are now exclaiming “yeah, right, if it was as easy as that then why isn’t everyone doing it?  The truth is nothing is easy until you know how to do it.


The journey to achieving our full potential is one seldom undertaken simply because we have an irrational fear of the unknown or are afraid of failure or even worse still, because it is easier to do nothing. Let me tell you again

You absolutely, positively most definitely do have the power to change

So how do we break loose the shackles of this negative conditioning and enjoy a more Healthier, Happier, Fitter, Future?

We take a journey into the phenomenon that is…..………THINK, EAT, DO


Our first stop……….. The mystery that is the Human Mind.