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Resistance Benefits

Improved muscle strength and tone

Weight Management

As you increase the amount of muscle that you have you will burn more calories 24/7

Improved Health

Prevention and control of health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

Improved Posture

Many of today’s back and neck challenges are created by poor posture. Resistance training can help to re-align muscles.

Decreased risk of injury

Muscles, tendons and ligaments are all strengthened and stabilised during resistance training.

Increased bone density and strength

Helps to reduce the risk of Osteoporosis and other bone related challenges.

Improved sleep patterns

The reduction of stress related tension in muscles together with reduced joint pain can help you to sleep better.

Increased self-esteem

A lot of the chemical by products of resistance training help to induce that feeling of well-being, a sense that you are in control!

Enhanced performance of everyday tasks.

Timing, balance and coordination can all improve with resistance training.

Improved Aesthetics

Muscles begin to take shape giving rise to a more visually pleasing appearance to both the male and female body. Gone are the “beer Belly’s and the “saggy Butts” in come the “six packs” , “tight touché” and narrow waist lines!