Aerobic - Think Eat Do


Have you ever stopped and wondered why people bother with aerobic exercise?

It is arguably the most efficient way of burning excess calories. Sometimes referred to as cardio, CV or cardiovascular, Aerobic fitness is a measure of the efficiency with which we are able to take in oxygen from the surrounding environment, transport it to the active sites (our muscles!) and use it (activity).

Aerobic exercise is used to improve the performance of your heart, lungs and circulation and is generally created by repetitive rhythmic movements of the larger muscle groups.  This can be achieved by using a myriad of different pieces of equipment in a club environment. Treadmill, X-trainer, Cycle, Rower or Stepper may be the kit of choice in most clubs, but you can achieve exactly the same benefits by using nothing more complex than that which Mother Nature endowed all of us with – Arms and legs! Yes, walking, jogging, swimming or any group exercise (Circuits, Cross Fit, Classes) can be just as effective as any machine based workout. Ultimately it comes down to personal choice and little understanding of progression and overload!