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No two people see life in exactly the same way
Our perception or interpretation of a particular set of circumstances is unique to us as individuals. It is based on our own personal experiences of life and the mood or state that we happen to be in at a particular moment in time.

Thoughts are not real. They do not exists in the multidimensional world that we live in. Thoughts themselves may exist for a time in our heads, but they have no physical shape or structure that we can relate to outside of this.
Having said that our thoughts can have a profound effect on our experience of reality. Our past and present do not exist in the “real world”, they are both figments of our imagination.

Reality lasts but a moment and is then re-lived through our thoughts.

If you have ever watched a sporting event with someone only to later wonder if you both witnessed the same event as your post event accounts were so very different then you have had an insight into how to people can see the same “reality” and yet perceive it very differently. If you have ever been on holiday and found yourself questioning the morals or ethics of a different culture, once again you have had an insight into differing realities.
Our thoughts, state of mind and experience shape our own personal perception and interpretation of an event. This is why people can have different opinions about the same thing.In some respects expecting people to have the same opinion about things as ourselves is almost laughable. I say almost laughable because this inability to understand that each individual experiences reality differently is a major source of discord and upset within business and relationships across the globe.
Reality is as individual as the stars in the sky and the sooner we as individuals are able to understand this, the sooner we will all enjoy a better quality of life.