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Tired of Motivational Mondays ?

Posted on January 18th, by admin in Think. Comments Off on Tired of Motivational Mondays ?

Lets try Mental Mondays instead!

Sounds a bit dodgy like that, probably best to call it Mental Health Mondays from here on in. 😁

In our last post a couple of weeks back, we provided a somewhat convoluted definition of mental health. To better understand how people can spiral from low mood to depression requires a more specific understanding of the factors that affect our mental health:- 🧐

🧠 Healthy Thinking (Cognition):The ability to think clearly, maintain perspective, solve problems and make rational decisions.

🥶 Emotional Intelligence: Our ability to experience, understand and express our feelings and emotions.

🌍 Healthy perception: Being able to make sense of the events and the world around us.

👥 Social acceptance and integration: Our ability to make and retain relationships whilst participating in society at large.

😭 Coping with the demands of life: Our ability to deal with setbacks and difficult life experiences. An inability to cope in any of these area’s can send even the most resilient of us into stress, low mood, depression and beyond! So how do we insulate ourselves against this? Look out for our next post on Mental Health Mondays.

Activ Ed 😃